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Asheville Award Winner

2014 Asheville Award:
The Language of the Enemy
Stuart Friebert, Oberlin Ohio



The Asheville Award-Deadline: July 30, 2015 and November 30, 2015

The Asheville Award is a twice  annual international competition offering publication by the Black Mountain Press for a book length poetry, and novel or collection of short stories. Manuscripts are accepted for review this year, July 30th and November 30th, 2015. The winner will be announced 90 days after the deadline and the book and author will be featured in the Black Mountain Press website along with a list of finalists.

 Contest Deadlines: Nov.1st 2013 (Postmarked or emailed)

Winners announced: Around: November 1st, 2015 and March 1, 2016.

Award: Publication by the Black Mountain Press.
Entry Fee: $25 check or money order only.

 Send manuscripts of 64 or more pages of poetry, a novel or collection of short stories, no more than one poem per page, no smaller than 12pt type in an easily readable font. Work may have appeared in journals, magazines, or chapbooks, but not in full-length, single author collections.

 Your name address, phone number, e-mail address, and title of work must appear on the cover page only. This will be a blind judging so author’s name should not appear anywhere in the manuscript except on the cover letter. There is no restriction on content, style or subject, we are just looking for the best manuscripts.

Guidelines for Mailed Entries 

All checks or money orders for the reading fee of $25, must be made payable to: Courtyard Agency, who will be responsible for the judging. Add $10 if you would like a previous sample publication. Submissions without this reading fee will not be considered. A $40 fee will be charged for returned checks.

Mailed Entries

If mailed, use white, lightweight paper typed and printed on one side of the paper only, double  spaced and with a 12pt easily readable font. No handwriting should appear anywhere in the manuscript.  All manuscripts should be sent to: The Black Mountain Press, PO Box 9907, Asheville, NC, 28815. Entry fee is $25 for mailed entries made out to the Courtyard Agency.

Guidelines for Emailed Entries.

Guidelines for emailed entries are the same as mailed entries but saved as a .doc, docx or .txt ONLY. All others will be disqualified. Electronic manuscripts should be emailed to

contests@theblackmountainpress.com   Entry fee for emailed entries is $35 to help offset our costs of printing and filing and processing fees of ebay and paypal. You can pay for your emailed entry here. Pay for the reading fee first then include the invoice receipt number with your emailed entry.

For all entries: Mail a SASE (number 10 envelope), with sufficient postage for notification of the results of judging. Manuscripts will not be returned and will be recycled. Entries can be mailed or emailed.

For questions about submissions, please email us at:

contact jackmoe@theblackmountainpress.com

 Send all submissions to: Black Mountain Press, PO Box 9907, Asheville, NC, 28815.

Attention Script Writers, Screen Writers:
The Black Mountain Press is sponsoring the 22nd annual Twin Rivers Media Festival, Asheville's film festival. Winners receive possible publication at the Black Mountain Press. Your can enter at the Twin Rivers Film and Video website or at Withoutabox!

Established in 1994, the Black Mountain Press is dedicated to promoting work of emerging authors of literary poetry, novels and short stories. As cinema, art and story telling has plummeted in literary quality to appeal to the lowest common denominator in recent years, the Black Mountain Press strives to find and publish works that aspire to a higher ideal, many times written by unknown, first time authors, without agents representing them.  All too often their works are ignored by the corporate publishers who are more interested in serving up their chain store consumables for a public lost in our mass produced fast-food induced art world.